Flickr makes it easy to share store, organize and share photos. It’s a great tool for both business and personal life. If you want to be found on Flickr, though, it takes just a few moments longer. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of this great service….

  • Edit your photos before uploading: cropping an image can often save file size and therefore upload time, and can make for a better composition, too. Be careful if you plan to use the photo for print projects, though, since editors often appreciate a little extra so they can fit the image into their layouts.
  • Use an application like Uploadr, PictureSync or the Flock browser to upload your photos. Flickr’s tools are easy to use, but it can be faster and easier with one of these, especially if you have lots of photos to share.
  • Keep your stream of photos up to date by learning to use email to post your latest photos. It’s so easy and quick that you can do it from a smartphone. If you are using Flickr for business, this is an easy way to get everyone on your team up to speed quickly.
  • One of the most effective ways to make it easier for others, and yourself, to find your photos, is to tag your photos with good keywords. Once you’ve labeled a few, Flickr makes it easy on you by giving you a list of words to reuse. If you don’t use keywords, how will anyone find your photos?
  • You can add a special type of tag to your photos by using Flickr’s “geocoding” features. This puts your photos on the map, in more ways than one.
  • Highlight what’s going on in your photos with the “add note” tool in the Flickr toolbar. This is great for informal tutorials.
  • Subscribe to the Flickr Pro service and you can upload full resolution shots, in a file size appropriate for many print projects.

Learn these few tips and you’ll be able to use this service to communicate more quickly and easily, with friends, family or colleagues. It’s just a matter of taking a little bit of time to add that extra bit to your photos.

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