liveMover is a plug-in tool for the LiveCode development environment. This tiny tool moves your topStack around to the corners of your screen, or the middle edges, or the centre… without putting it underneath the menubar or tools palette.

In addition, liveMover can save 4 locations in the “memory dots” at the bottom of the palette. Click to memorize the location of the topStack; option-click to clear the memory. Its super quick and simple.

liveMover now has a built in workspace manager, too. The palette menu in the upper right provides a self-contained system for saving and recalling your workspace layouts. If you frequently switch back and forth between working on your laptop and working on your laptop with one or more additional monitors, you will instantly recognize the usefulness of switching workspaces quickly and simply.

If you are resizing windows much via script or with lcResTool, then this helps reposition your window(s) quickly and easily.

Check the tooltips for more info.

Questions or comments? Feature requests? Please post below, or contact me directly, and I’ll get back to you quickly.

Put it in your LiveCode plugins folder (inside your MyLiveCode folder).

Tip: if you collapse the tool palette (to hide the drawing tools), and position lcMover in the space that is exposed, then you can keep it quickly and easily accessible without taking up more screen space.)

liveMover is the commercial evolution of lcMover. If you want to try out many of the features of liveMover for free, please check out lcMover.

Download liveMover or become a member.