simple-toolsWe are firm believers in open source CMSs (Content Management Systems). They make it easy to manage a web site… so easy that you don’t have to rely on us to edit and expand your content. It’s great for us, because it avoids those call like, “I’ve noticed an errant semicolon on page 2, paragraph 2, sentence 3. Could you change that ASAP?” Workflow like this is not efficient for anyone. And it empowers you to build more valuable content into your site, which is great for SEO, attracting new visitors, and retaining visitors.

Sometimes, though, even a simple, powerful tool like our hosted WordPress is too much. In that case, there are a few web building tools out there that are even simpler. The Codeless Website lists them and provides thumbnail reviews. (Be sure to check the comments on the article for a few they missed.)

Why would I tell you about sites that you can build and run entirely on your own? Our goal is not to sell you services, it’s to help you succeed. We measure our success by how your endeavor is measuring up to your yardstick. Greener processes? Happier clients… and employees? Higher profit margins? Often a well designed, green marketing program can work wonders. Sometimes it’s a sophisticated, interactive website. We’ll help you figure it out. And if the answer involves a site that doesn’t involve us, then “more power to you”!