Hey there, hope you are having a great day, and welcome to Charles Buchwald & Friends, my mashup of professional services, portfolio, personal blog, occasional structure for consulting, and conduit for various projects in the realms of user experience design, software development, web development, industrial design, and exhibit design. In fact, design is the one thing that stitches all of this crazy, eclectic hub together.

Here you can find links to other current sites and projects present and past with which I am involved, and links to a few other friends on the net, including my museum companies, Museográfica in Mexico and the USA, my free development tools and plugins for LiveCode and of course intermittent blog posts since 2006 covering a dog’s breakfast of subjects.

Please browse around and contact me if you have questions, comments or suggestions. I’d love to hear from you!

— Charles E. Buchwald

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lcLipsum Featured in “This Week in LiveCode”

My little Lorem Ipsum plugin, lcLipsum, for LiveCode was featured in the open source newsletter for the LiveCode community, This Week in LiveCode. If you are a LiveCode developer, check it out. It's free, versatile, and pretty useful if you are working on layouts with...

Dieter Ram’s 10 Principles for Good Design

These have appeared in a lot of places, including Wikipedia, fluidui.com, and this rather nice version using a design of Rams' to illustrate each point. I include them here for your reference and mine. Good design: Is innovative - Rams states that possibilities for...

Ideas to Inspire Blog Content

I'm making a new effort to increase the good, usable content of this site and blog, starting today. With that in mind, here are some ideas for ways to produce better, more frequent, valuable content on your blog. Set up Google Alerts. This free service from Google can...