lcResTool As a developer, there are quite a lot of screen sizes to consider. Even if you’re only on one platform it can take time to keep track of them all, and to view your software or app at those different resolutions and sizes. ResTool helps make that easier. ResTool is a LiveCode plugin.

Put it in your My LiveCode plugins folder, and it can:

  • Tell you the current window size of your stack, or the rect, or the working screenRect
  • Quickly resize your stack to any one of 15 common mobile sizes
  • Switch between landscape and portrait orientations
  • Automatically account for status bar height
  • Show a reference including most common screen resolutions, resolution standards, aspect ratios, screen densities, and some useful, related web links

UPDATE: Version 1.3 is now available, with several bug fixes, a few bits of missing info in the chart filled in, and the ability to check for new updates automatically or manually.

UPDATE: Version 1.4 is now available, with more bug fixes, and also:

  • Support for scaleFactor. There is now a slider that lets you set the scaleFactor of a stack, and a button that let’s you reset the scaleFactor to 1.0.
  • Experimental support for “Simulated Density”. When this button is checked, the scaleFactor is set to the inverse of the readout of the tool’s scaleFactor slider. This shows you a smaller stack for a denser display, more like it would be on the actual target device.
  • A “lock to current stack” button, so when you are working with primarily just one stack, you can set it and forget it and just affect that one stack.
  • A couple of UI tweaks to make the palette look a bit less obtrusive and cleaner.

Download lcResTool 1.4

Unzip it an put it in your My LiveCode plugins folder (inside your MyLiveCode folder).