This tiny tool moves your window around to the corners of your screen, or the middle edges, or the centre… without putting it underneath the menubar or tools palette.

If you are resizing windows much via script or with lcResTool, then this helps reposition your window(s) quickly and easily. Check the tooltips for more info.

Shift, option or shift-option clicks to save the location, see the options or the credits.

Put it in your LiveCode plugins folder (inside your MyLiveCode folder).

Tip: if you collapse the tool palette (to hide the drawing tools), and position lcMover in the space that is exposed, then you can keep it easily accessible without taking up more screen space.)

UPDATE: Based on a user request, lcMover now includes 4 “memory buttons”. Click to memorize the location of the topStack; option-click to clear the memory. Also, the shift-click on the centre button wasn’t working very well, so now it moves the palette to a default location which you can specify in the options.

UPDATE: Version 1.2 is now available. I’ve fixed a couple of bugs, and added a couple of minor features:

  • Support for the new scaleFactor property has been added. (Let me know if you like it or not.) It attempts to reposition scaled stacks regardless of their scaleFactor, by scaling the top and left values of the stack when positioning it.
  • A new checkbox in the options to “dock” the lcResTool palette to the bottom of the lcMover palette. This tag team mode can help keep your screen layout neat and clean.

Download lcMover 1.2