I’m making a new effort to increase the good, usable content of this site and blog, starting today. With that in mind, here are some ideas for ways to produce better, more frequent, valuable content on your blog.

  1. Set up Google Alerts. This free service from Google can email you an alert whenever it finds a new web page mentioning one of your selected search words or phrases. It’s free and convenient. Don’t forget to link to the new content you find.
  2. Search and subscribe to other blogs and websites. WordPress.com is a one great place to connect with other bloggers. Don’t forget to leave a comment on articles you like or find useful. With that in mind…
  3. Share others’ blog content. When you find something useful, or it inspires you to write a useful comment, then be sure to give a link.
  4. Share your announcements about your speaking appearances, book or film releases, media appearances, new products or services and other events and accomplishments.
  5. Keep a “tickler” file: when you come up with an idea for a post or article, whether it’s major or minor, add it to a quick list in a note taking app, a notebook, or wherever you keep your notes. Or, if you use WordPress, make a quick, new post and save it as a draft.

What inspires you to create new posts and articles? Leave a comment and let me know!