P-handled Wrench

The P-handled wrench was designed to offer ergonomic advantages over existing hex wrench designs. The distinctive handle shape was developed by Charles’ while working with Park Tool. It was the first tool in the Park Tool lineup to be produced directly from a 3D CAD model and the first time a 3D print was used in the product development cycle.

Since then the p-handled wrench has become an essential part of Park Tool’s lineup, with variations representing about 10% of Park Tool’s 2018 SKUs. The original hex wrench set, pictured, is available directly from Park Tool, with many variations, now including Torx® wrenches as well.

From Park Tool:

These thoughtfully designed P-handle hex wrenches fit the task at hand, and they fit in your hand too. The offset P-handles are made from a durable nylon material and are ergonomically-designed for comfortable use.