Charities & Community Groups

CB&F supports or has supported community groups and charities including:

  • Bach on the Rock
  • Bandemonium Music Society
  • Bullock Lake Watershed Community Assoc.
  • Centre for Child Honouring
  • Crofton Airshed Citizens Group
  • Living Carbon
  • National CCSVI Society
  • Salt Spring Centre School
  • Salt Spring Community Education
  • Salt Spring Jazz & Blues Society
  • Sandia Mountain Bearwatch
  • Save Our Surgery
  • SSI Water Council
  • Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre
  • Viva Voce Choir
  • Walker Arts Center
  • WOLF Kids

If your community group or charity would like to receive a donation of services, which might include free hosting or other IT services, please contact us with a brief proposal. We are especially interested in the arts, environment, and education.