lcHTML Plugin for LiveCodeAnother super simple little plugin. This one is for anyone working with HTML in LiveCode fields. Select a field and click the “txt-HTML” button. lcHTML will replace the text of the field with the HTMLtext of the field. In effect, you can “peek” at your HTML code. Once you’ve peeked at your HTML, and/or made any changes or edits or whatever, press the “HTML-txt” button. This will set the HTMLtext of your selected field to the text of your field, in effect switching back to your styled text view. The long list is pulled straight from the LC Dictionary. It shows LC legal HTML entities.

  • Scroll it with your mouse wheel.
  • Select a line.
  • Option-click the line to copy the character (column 1).
  • Shift-click to copy the number (column 2).
  • Control-click (or right click) to copy the HTML code (column 3).

As always, I hope you find it useful! Please comment here or email me, or connect through the forums or use list. I’d love to hear from you, especially with suggestions or comments or requests! Put it in your LiveCode plugins folder (inside your MyLiveCode folder). Tip: the bit of stuff that you just copied flashes green to let you know your copy was successful.

Download lcHTML

Please enjoy! And let me know if you have idea for improvements or new features. Thanks!