M5 Recumbents Carbon Low Racer

Some bicycles are works of art. Some are all out speed machines. Some showcase new technology. The M5 Recumbents Carbon Low Racer is all three, and then some… and it’s a production bicycle. In fact, it’s the lightest production bicycle in the world,...

case study: VIATeC

The Vancouver Island Technology Centre needed to coordinate their message across varied media and integrate their message and look….

case study: theHobbs.ca

Advanced features set this site apart in a cluttered and competitive market; a custom combination of off-the-shelf components keeps it manageable.

case study: ChildHonouring.org

The Centre for Child Honouring and Raffi worked with CB&F to extend their message of hope and change, using a site developed by Charles Buchwald & Friends to deliver a direct, consistent and powerful online message.

Random Tip: National Do Not Call List

Here’s a random tip: you can register your home or cell phone number on the CanadianNational Do Not Call List, and eliminate unwanted telemarketing calls. Note that cell phone numbers will soon be available to telemarketers, so you may want to register your cell...

New Work: Retail Marketing Group

Charles Buchwald and friends welcomes yet another new client to the fold, Doug Muldoon’s Retail Marketing Group. With extensive expertise in promotions in the natural foods and supplements market, Doug is producing a book, newsletter, and website to complement...

New Work: Hands On Healing Bodywork

In more news, Hands On Healing Bodywork is another new client. Graphic design for newspaper ads, posters, business cards, flyers, stationary, and other print collateral, as well as a WordPress CMS based website (currently in progress) are all part of a comprehensive...