A quick trip around Scott Point through Captain Passage was an opportunity to shoot some photos myself, for the first time from the boat, and to make a few additions and adjustments.

Finally figured out a way to cover the back “deck” with a nice pad. This one uses Coroplast as a base, and has a half inch layer of EVA foam under a two inch layer of soft open cell urethane foam, covered with a marine fabric. Carpet tape, white duct tape, a few stitches, and some grommets hold the whole thing together. It will be interesting to see how it holds up. It is quite soft and comfortable, especially for the dogs, and wipes clean easily, while still allowing access to the stowage below.

The main reason for the pad is to give the dogs a place to feel comfortable, and a short cruise around Long Harbour confirmed its suitability.

Pulled up the beach, I had the opportunity to make a few adjustments. The throttle cable was rather loose, so that the throttle had to be moved quite far before brought the motor up out of idle. It may be a bit too loose, still, but the motor is responding much more quickly now.
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New “sun pad”.” by cebsaltspring