Admittedly it’s just a rumor, but the scuttlebutt I heard is that here in Western Canada Telus and Bell are making major investments in converting some or all of their cellular networks to GSM.
Why is this important? If you are using a Telus or Bell cellular device now, or anticipating the purchase of a new device using this network, you may not expect the cell network in your area to improve.
Why would this be? The major cell network providers are expecting the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver to be a major commercial event, and most international travelers use GSM. They are concerned that Rogers is the only local provider positioned to take advantage of the event, so they are converting some or all of their infrastructure to GSM.
If you are considering GSM vs. CDMA technology, such as iPhone (GSM) vs. Blackberry (CDMA) for instance, you might want to give consideration to the GSM alternative!