The Viva Voce! community choir has recently completed an upgrade of their site with Charles Buchwald & Friends.

A combination of professional and pro bono work has resulted in the upgrade of the community group’s site from a site to one with hosting donated by CB&F. By privately hosting the site, it’s been able to incorporate a number of advanced features to better serve the choir membership.

A more granular permissions system allows choir members to access a “members only” section. Once there, sample music in the form of audio files are easily accessible, as well as updated news from the director. An events calendar easily displays rehearsal and concert times.

Although the site uses a stock WordPress theme, this serves the client, and the budget, well. The careful selection of useful, functional, stable plugins, and the proper configuration of the system and it’s parts, makes for an effective tool for this enthusiastic community group.

Here at CB&F we’re looking forward to our next community group project!