Books are my favorite present to receive, and among my favorite to give. I recently stumbled upon a bookshelf application in facebook. Before I knew it I’d checked off a hundred of my favorites, then 150. Now I’m just cruising through the recommendations to see how many of those are ones that I’d forgotten. It’s not quite as much fun as browsing a good library or bookstore, but it’s more convenient, for sure.

What are your favorites? What are you reading right now? I’d love it if you would leave a comment and let me know…So here’s the application:

It looks like the authors of Visual Bookshelf have changed something such that it won’t appear within the blog here… but you can still see it on my Facebook page… if you happen to be a member of that site. I’ll keep an eye out and see if the Visual Bookshelf folks revise their code.

Another update: it’s back! Turns out they were making some changes, and had disabled this functionality from their site. Now they’ve worked out the kinks, and it’s back.