Forgotten Treasures, Ltd. has retained Charles Buchwald & Friends to adapt their The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt books for use on smartphones and tablets. Ebooks are first up, targeted to debut before the end of the year. Following soon afterwards, smartphone and tablet app versions will supply new and exciting ways to participate in this amazing race to $1 million.

The world’s greatest treasure hunt is a real million dollar treasure hunt. One hundred percent of the net proceeds go to breast cancer research…“The treasure hunt was started in memory of Gabi Helms who, when stricken with breast cancer, had to make the difficult choice between saving her own life or that of her unborn child. She chose her baby, and passed away 2 days after giving birth.

“This real million dollar treasure hunt where families, teams or individuals can treasure hunt with a purpose. It is sort of like the Amazing Race but for everyone. Buy the book, find the $1,000,000 treasure and help us raise money for breast cancer research.”

CB&F is thrilled to participate in supporting this major contest, as well as raising funds for breast cancer research. Watch this site for more announcements and links to these new products.