The boat has been christened! As seen here, it’s waiting on blocks for the boat yard transport trailer. Fuel tanks are filled, in place, and strapped down; windshield has been cleaned (finally!); all the wiring and electronics are in place: she is ready and waiting for the water! What a difference from the corroded, holed, peeling hull that was plunked down in the dirt of the driveway a year and half ago.

The christening was eventful…

A tip: do not do as Chapman’s recommends and score your champagne bottle so it will break more easily. At least not if it’s cheap Canadian champagne. We scored ours and set it on the couch temporarily, wrapped in cloth, before the ceremony. A few minutes later there was an unusual sound, and the smell of alcohol! The bottle had exploded, thankfully prevented from distributing glass shrapnel about the living room by the wrapping.

The naming ceremony proceeded with a bit of salvaged champagne poured over the bow in the modern tradition, and bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade smashed on the bow stem in the old tradition, for good measure.

As noted in a previous comment, the name Bardick is a blended word made from my maternal grandparents first names when they named their classic Lyman runabout. Well, it wasn’t classic at the time, but it is now. This boat is similar in form and spirit, if not in materials or construction. So this is an homage to my grandparents, and great memories of good times they made possible, in many ways.