For our second time out I installed one of the removable passenger seats, so we could provide a friend with a bit of a cruise. (The “trunk” lid folds back and over, and the seat or seats easily bolt to it. This way we have flexible seating for 1 to 4 adults. Any of the three passenger seats may be removed or installed facing fore or aft.)

Some of the kinks have been worked out of the GPS system, and it recorded approx. 15 nautical miles total, at a lightening fast average of 5 knots. “The slower go you the more you see.” Three hours took us past the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club and the spit nearby, around Scott Point and into Long Harbour all the way to the end of the lake like “tidal canal” at high tide. It was peaceful, quiet, green, and felt quite remote.

The highlight of the trip was again in Madrona Bay, where we found several harbor seals sunning on the logs there.

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“Bardick, Trip 2” by cebsaltspring