Design of the Day: Alpha Z

Besides the fact that this project continues to rack up design awards of all kinds, besides the fact that it is one of the most stunning boats on the water, this effort speaks volumes to me about project scope.

3d Connexion

The SpaceNavigator may be the coolest piece of computer hardware I own.

Online Machine Shop

I haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet, but here’s an intriguing service along the lines of Ponoko. It’s, and they call themselves an “online machine shop”. You download their free CAD software and use it to draw...

Design of the Day: Ilan Voyager

Here’s some really innovative thinking that has resulted in a number of record voyages: Nigel Irens’ Ilan trimaran concept. With roots in sailing trimarans, these power tri’s are ultra-efficient record setters. The smaller iLan Voyager set a...

Design of the Day: Soundolier duo

The Soundolier® duo | Wireless Speaker Lamp is an interesting convergence of lighting and sound. I’m not sure of the value of wireless speakers in a device that must be wired for power anyway, but if you must have rear speakers for your surround sound system, this may be a nice way to camouflage them.


My brother sent this clever take on custom manufacturing, Ponoko. Looks a lot like another step closer to the fab lab, but with someone else doing the dirty work of running and maintaining the laser cutter. Now if only it wasn’t shipping from New...