smart car Your first reaction may be, “What’s a toy car doing on the streets?” I remember seeing one for the first time a few years ago on my (then daily) commute into Victoria, BC. Now I’m the new owner (well, OK, lessee) of a “pre-owned” 2005 model smart car.

Overall there is some strikingly innovative thinking that’s gone into the car. Even with my 6’3″ height it’s amazingly roomy. Despite the measly 40 h.p. when the turbo charger kicks in it can be quite peppy. The controls are very simple, almost to a fault; for example, there are no visible door locks–locking and unlocking is solely by the integrated key fob/key.

I’ll post more initial design impression here, as I get to know it.

By the way, unlike the photo, mine is a red and black “Pure” model.