Rock Paper Scissors Show Invite

Rock Paper Scissors Show Invitation

Today I am a part of an art show again, for the first time in 24 years.

From the invite: “Rock Paper Scissors, an exhibit by four emerging Saltspring artists, Peter Allan, Heidi Cowan, Chris Leischner, Charles Buchwald, at Noble Studio.”

I’m entering six photographs, maybe seven if Peter and Lynda will consent to show the print of mine that they won at auction last year. There are four landscapes and two (or three) marine photographs.

It was meant to be an intimate little preview, a “pre-show” as practice for something more serious in the Spring, but it’s turned into something bigger, with gallery owners invited. I think we may have a hundred guests before the afternoon is over, but then again it’s raining today and maybe islanders are already in hibernation mode.

From my artists statement: “… Thank you to my teachers, professors Walter Zurko and George Olson, photographer Rudy Calin.”