wplogoSites bases on the open source Content Management System called WordPress are becoming more and more popular with my clients. I find that the easy, quick and robust editing capabilities are a good match for many small to mid size organizations. In fact, this site is based on WordPress

One of the greatest strengths of CMSs in general is the way they separate the programming from look and feel from the content. This is great for teams, where the coding group can work on functionality, the aesthetes can work on the graphic design and presentation, and the writers can work on the content, all independently. This same scheme works well for smaller organizations, where they supply the content and ongoing updates, while I supply the framework and collaborate with them on the look and feel.

If you are using WordPress, this presentation layer is determined by a “theme”.

Finding a Theme

The look and feel is determined almost entirely by the “theme”. While it’s possible to develop a WordPress theme entirely from scratch, I find it complicated and expensive for most clients. It’s much easier to browse the many, many free or low-cost themes available and then customize one.

If you are looking for a theme to modify, try Google or Yahoo! for “wordpress theme”. Or look here for some template possibilities:

Please keep in mind that it is relatively easy to change the images and many of the colors in these templates. That is, a developer such as myself may insert a new logo in the appropriate spots, and change colors of backgrounds, menus, text, and so on. It is more difficult to change layout and typography, so those are the areas to pay special attention.

If I’ve directed you to this page, in search of a theme, as a client of mine, then please do feel free to browse the paid, professional (sometimes called “Premium”) templates as well. If you like one, I may be happy to purchase it to add to my library. Some are even free for non-profit organizations.

Found a Theme?

If you find one, or a few, that you like, please email the URL or the name so I can have a look at it. It will likely merit a bit of discussion. When we’ve settled on one, I’ll install it… then once we do some configuration, and we are off and running.


If you not having success with finding a theme, please contact me. I’ve worked with many, many themes, and have a small library of my favorites. I can match your business or organization goals with a theme that will further those goals

If you are on a very tight budget it’s possible to acquire free WordPress blog space. The main disadvantage is that your web address is then in the form “yourname.wordpress.com”, instead of using a domain name. The other disadvantage is that advertisements may appear on your site. These are a liabilities for most businesses and organizations, so please think twice before going this route.

This is a fun, collaborative process! Please don’t hesitate to call or email with questions, comments, or suggestions. And please do leave comments below, as well. (I’ll be notified, and will respond via this system or email.

Have fun with WordPress!