Here is an interesting bit of shameless self-promotion collected while reviewing the archives… each of these companies laid claim to “world’s largest” as a former client:

  1. world’s largest bicycle tool manufacturer: Park Tool USA
  2. world’s largest law book publisher: West Publishing (now part of Thompson Reuters)
  3. world’s largest premium car manufacturer: BMW
  4. (one of the) world’s largest food producers: Pillsbury
  5. world’s largest manufacturer of helicopter firefighting equipment: SEI Industries
  6. world’s largest repository of Minnesota materials: Minnesota Historical Society
  7. (one of the) world’s largest manufacturer of backpacks: Gregory Mountain Products
  8. world’s largest commercial weather services provider: Kavouras, Inc. (since merged with Telvent)
  9. world’s largest printer of checks: Deluxe Corporation
  10. world’s largest on-demand publishing company: Trafford Publishing