Living Carbon websiteWe’re proud to announce the debut of another new site developed with assistance from CB&F. Living Carbon is a 100% non-profit owned carbon offset development company, specializing in conservation offsets—the ’100 mile offset.’

Living Carbon’s Briony Penn worked with lead developer and designer Charles Buchwald and others to create the design and site architecture. With a quickly developing mandate in a constantly changing business and governmental landscape, flexibility was a key design criteria. The Headway meta-theme and WordPress CMS keep the site highly responsive, flexible, and easy to maintain.

Original illustrations by Penn have been combined with a voiceover by Buchwald into an effective and friendly introductory video. Working with a tight budget and limited time constraints, the simple animation conveys a sense of the company purpose and method in a concise way, helping to explain the complex process of living carbon offsets.

Charles Buchwald & Friends is proud to be a part of this innovative BC conservation initiative. Please visit the new site to find out more and participate in their projects.