Sometimes Facebook can actually be useful and productive. A case in point: I recently reconnected with a friend from Northfield High School. David Narum is a partner with Greenway Partners in Arcata, California, promoting and using regenerative design to go “beyond sustainability”. It’s great to find like-minded people working to reconnect people and the planet.

From their site:

GreenWay Partners provides a range of design, planning, research and engineering services to improve our clients’ economic, environmental and social performance. Our mission is to play a leading role in the development and implementation of the policies and practices that effectively regenerate both human and natural systems.

We work with governments, tribes, schools and universities, private firms, and other organizations using a design perspective and innovative methods to develop solutions that respond to the unique context and specific needs of each of our clients.

See more about their successful “Plan It Green” conference, too. And if you are working to make the world a better place, please connect with me on Facebook or here on the web.