Full Moon Original Jewellery SiteSimon Rompré and Stephanie Artz of Full Moon Original Jewelry have worked with Charles Buchwald & Friends to design and develop a newly renovated web site. Using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS), the site now shows their complete line of West-Coast-inspired designs.

A simple shopping cart, combined with the WordPress gallery feature, makes for an easy to manage ecommerce solution. PayPal helps maintain online buyer confidence and simplify the payment system. “Easy” is the key word, since maintenance of the site falls to Simon and Stephanie, while they also create, sell, and photograph their beautiful jewelry.

The custom WordPress theme, developed by CB&F, takes it inspiration from the jewellers’ colourful and evocative booth sign, with a forest/ocean/moonlight motif. This helps build brand recognition by maintaining the consistency of their visual identity, and reflecting their unique Northwest Coast island design sense.

Check out the new site, and leave a comment about your impressions!