Charles Buchwald & Friends are honoured to have been part of the recent renovation and reinvigoration of The Museum of Mayan Culture in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Consulting to Mexico’s premiere museum and exhibit design firm Museografica SC, CB&F programmed 3 computer interactive displays replacing older mechanical interactives, and consulted on the development of a number of videos and a 10 meter video wall.

The new interactives help explain the history, math, and hieroglyphics of the Mayans in a fun, entertaining and educational way. 60 inch touch screens provide a dramatic and accessible interface which coordinates with updated exhibits. Components include calculators to convert arabic numbers to and from the Mayan (semi) vigesimal system, a interactive guide to Maya hieroglyphics and a related memory game, as well as original content developed exclusively for the new displays with the latest Mayan research from UNAM.

iOS and Android versions of the interactives are planned.

Museografica SC has developed many of the most important curatorial spaces in Latin America over a celebrated 30+ year career. They developed the original Museum of Mayan Culture, and continue with a number of important new initiatives, including the award-winning, recently completed Museum of the Revolution at the center of Mexico City. CB&F is consulting with Museografica SC on an ongoing basis.